Webinar: Modernize your legal case management system (06/26/2018)

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Does your legal case management system provide you with full featured document and records management capabilities?  Are you taking advantage of AI to lighten your load? Does it provide co-editing capabilities for collaboration? Can you automate your processes to be more efficient? Are you interested in considering a cloud or SaaS solution?

Join us on 6/26 at 11:00 ET to see why organizations like NRC Office of General Counsel are turning to ArkCase.

Speakers: James Bailey-President of Armedia, Matt Maines -Product Manager of ArkCase

During the webinar you will see how our solution provides you the ability to:

  • Manage your case and associated information (people, organizations, notes, tasks, etc.)
  • Manage all digital files to include office documents, audio, video, etc.
  • Edit and co-edit documents through Word Online
  • Enable dynamic search and reporting
  • Leverage AWS artificial intelligence (AI) for transcription of audio and video files
  • Enable FedRAMP Moderate compliant platform
  • Integrate with industry standard Records Management platforms (i.e. Alfresco)

Click on this link to register and see why your peers are adopting ArkCase.


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