How Armedia and ArkCase Help Government Agencies Overcome FOIA Backlogs

Citizens access to public records is a foundation of a transparent government. But the large number of information management systems within an enterprise and the dependence on paper-based, manual public records requests processing makes the entire process difficult. Discovering larger numbers of documents from various departments and locations puts a burden on FOIA staff and leads to lengthy request fulfillment cycles – damaging public trust and increasing FOIA backlogs.

We made some interesting observations when we compared the FOIA reports from the past several fiscal years. Year after year, most FOIA requests end up in the queue of five government agencies. Those five agencies are experiencing an unmanageable backlog of FOIA requests. After analyzing these agencies in more detail, we found ten key obstacles to expedited FOIA processing.

In this report, we analyze the reasons for the ever-growing backlogs and explain how Armedia can help solve those issues using the cost-effective, open-source ArkCase FOIA software solution.

Challenges and Solutions for Government Agencies’ FOIA Request Processing

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About ArkCase

ArkCase provides an adaptive, dynamic open-source case management platform to support your FOIA needs. The ArkCase FOIA solution is based on the real-world needs of agencies that deal with public request processing.

With the ArkCase FOIA solution, your organization gets most of the automation it needs out of the box. ArkCase FOIA can also be adapted to your specific needs thanks to reliable technologies like Alfresco, AWS, Ephesoft, OpenText, and ZyLab. These partnerships enable ArkCase to be FedRAMP compliant and provide an eDiscovery set of functionalities where needed.

About Armedia

Armedia LLC is a veteran in the ECM and Case Management industry. With close to 20 years of hands-on experience integrating solutions and migrating organizations onto modern software solutions, Armedia has been serving the private and government sectors successfully and with excellent results.

Challenges and Solutions for Government Agencies’ FOIA Request Processing

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Challenges and Solutions for Government Agencies’ FOIA Request Processing" PDF

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