Armedia Announces Distinguished Board of Advisors

by | Mar 12, 2007

Atlanta, GA (PRWeb) March 12, 2007—Armedia LLC, a leading provider of content management related IT products and solutions in the United States, announced today the adoption of its new Advisory Board.

“As we look to further grow and expand our offerings, we are delighted to have such a strong and experienced Board of Advisors on our side,” said Jim Nasr, Armedia CEO. “Our board will work closely with the company leaders to ensure that we achieve our key business goals and continue building value for our clients.”

About the Board

Howard Shao co-founded Documentum in 1990 where he lead its technical direction and handled its mergers and acquisitions. He has more than twenty years experience in engineering and development of mission-critical software and software systems.

William Decker has over forty years of executive management and operations experience in IT. In addition, he was an equity partner in a Storage Solutions Company that was acquired by MTI and is now CEO of Progeny Consulting focusing on mergers and acquisitions.

Landon Lack has more than twenty years experience managing and leading people. He has held senior management positions in early stage technology companies including Ask Jeeves and SealedMedia.

Nick Combs has more than twenty five years experience leading people and designing new IT capabilities. He currently serves as Vice Chief of Enterprise IT Solutions for the Defense Intelligence Agency and DoDIIS. He has also served as the IT Director for the National Media Exploitation Center.

About Armedia

Armedia is a leading consulting and integration firm, headquartered in Atlanta, GA, specializing in content management and content related solutions. Armedia’s mission is to provide world-class solutions for clients to automate the creation, capture, organization and presentation of their intellectual assets. Armedia has offices in Atlanta, GA and Vienna, VA.

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