Armedia Announces the Release of Armedia Caliente 3.0

by | Nov 5, 2009

Atlanta, GA—November 5, 2009—Armedia LLC, a leading provider of content management products and IT solutions, announced today that it has released a new version of its product Armedia Caliente (“Caliente”), an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) content migration application.

What is Caliente 3.0?

Caliente 3.0 is a server based application which enables automated importing and exporting of content and metadata from designated file folders or relational database tables into and out of an ECM repository. Caliente currently integrates directly with the EMC Documentum, Microsoft Sharepoint and Alfresco content management repositories, and supports file or relational database content and associated XML or CSV formatted metadata. In addition, Caliente provides a development (scripting) framework to add custom tasks or configure complex migration activities that require multiple nested steps or non-trivial validation procedures. Architecturally, Caliente is designed to run as a multi-threaded process where as many threads as needed (depending on physical server and network capacity) can be run concurrently to complete a very large amount of migration transactions in a short time. “Caliente 3.0 is a big step forward from the prior version,” said Jim Nasr, Armedia CEO. “The ability to now be able to migrate structured content from a database into an ECM repository opens up a lot of opportunity for organizations to better manage legacy structured or semi-structured content.”

What’s New in 3.0?

New Caliente 3.0 features include: native relational database migration support, support for CSV file format for metadata, richer, flexible XML configuration interface, configurable transaction sizes per processing thread, document versions, checkpoint restarts (in case of session interruption) and Alfresco ECM repository support. “Armedia Caliente 3.0 offers tremendous value for organizations looking for a simple, scalable migration tool to support their ECM initiatives,” said Nasr. “Caliente’s repository based licensing makes it a very affordable option for most organizations dealing with an ECM migration initiative.”

About Armedia

Armedia is a technology firm, focusing on information and content management solutions. Armedia has industry-acclaimed expertise, services and products in business process, document, case and record management, as well as collaboration, content publishing and content migration. Armedia’s mission is to provide world-class solutions to its clients to aid them in achieving tangible returns on their technology investments.

Armedia is veteran owned, 8(a)/SDB certified, GSA Schedule IT70 holder, and has offices in Atlanta, GA; Huntsville, AL and Vienna, VA. For more information visit Armedia’s website at

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