Armedia “Case Enables” EMC Documentum D6

by | May 14, 2008

Atlanta, GA, May 14, 2008—Armedia LLC, a leading provider of content management software and services, announced today the development of ArkCase, a new case-enabling framework for the EMC Documentum D6 platform

Many organizations face challenges managing case documents and files. ArkCase will “case enable” new or existing EMC Documentum repositories to better manage case-oriented information. Case leads, supervisors, and record managers will be able to create and manage cases, manage documents and content files of any type, and create tasks. Users also will be able to track leads, people, incidents, and expenses against cases. Users of ArkCase can manage cases through either the Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 (MOSS 07) interface or the ArkCase Collaboration Portal, a full-featured portal platform tailored for case management and powered by EMC Documentum and LifeRay Portal.

“ArkCase brings a much needed state-of-the-art technology solution to a real-world business problem. By building ArkCase on EMC Documentum and exposing it through Microsoft SharePoint and LifeRay, we believe we have provided a flexible and scalable foundation not only to extend our case management framework but also enable efficient further development of domain specific solutions on it,” said Armedia President, James Bailey.

ArkCase uses the EMC Documentum D6 platform as the repository and the heart of the business rules implementation. ArkCase also uses the Documentum Foundation Services (DFS) for web services implementation and Armedia’s Ligero Content Delivery Server for integration with Microsoft Sharepoint 2007.

“By building ArkCase on EMC Documentum, web services, and flexible user interface alternatives, we are creating a powerful solutions framework,” said Lee Dallas, ArkCase Lead Architect. “ArkCase Core Objects and Services can be used as a development foundation to build custom case management applications from a common toolset and case-enable existing content repositories.”

The ArkCase Core services framework is currently available. Armedia is also working on a specific Investigative Case Management application built on this platform, expected to be released in Q4 2008. Organizations interested in ArkCase should contact Mannix Litonjua, Armedia VP of Sales, at

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Armedia, a leading software, consulting and integration firm, is headquartered in Atlanta, GA, and specializes in content management and content-related solutions. Armedia’s mission is to provide world-class solutions for clients to automate the creation, capture, organization and presentation of their intellectual assets. Armedia’s products include Caliente!, a filesystem-based EMC Documentum integration application; C3, an industry award winning tool for application development and management; IMS, an award winning mobile application for insurance incident management; Ligero Content Delivery Server (CDS), a content management-enabled caching server. Armedia has offices in Atlanta, GA and Vienna, VA and is a SDB.

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