Armedia CEO Jim Nasr to Speak at The Gilbane Conference Boston 2011

by | Sep 9, 2011

Armedia CEO Jim Nasr will be speaking in the cross-channel publishing track session titled iPad Publishing and UI Design at the 2011 Gilbane Conference in Boston on Wednesday, November 30.

Dynamic publishing is a key business requirement for all organizations, whether commercial business or consumer publisher, or enterprise marketer or information manager. Smartphones, the iPad and other tablets, e-book readers, other devices, and even “in-product” displays are now all things that need to be considered. In addition to more channels, there are more media types and content formats to manage. Not to mention whether/when to build a mobile app vs. a browser-based application.

With smartphones and tablets exploding in usage, publishers are racing to deliver content to new types of users who are expecting rich, interactive experiences. Yet publishers are often dependent on third parties who can create these apps for them. The iPad Publishing and UI Design session delves into how some of the standard publishing apps work, and how developers create some of the more advanced features that users are demanding.

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