Armedia Delivers Paperless Management of Change System to INEOS Phenol

by | Nov 12, 2013

Armedia’s Alfresco-based MOC Solution Results in Reduced-costs and Improved Business Processes for Alabama Chemical Plant.

[November 12, 2013; ATLANTA, GA] – Armedia LLC, an award-winning IT firm and Alfresco Platinum Partner, announced the delivery of an Alfresco-based solution to INEOS Phenol to manage change control for Alabama plant operations.

The Alfresco MOC system is responsible for electronic management of various documents that identify proposed changes to plant operations, and allow for the different departments to provide input on an automated workflow, and assess the effect of change on their area of operations. Changes cover anything involved in the chemical, structural and mechanical processing of acetone or phenol, as well as the budgetary approval cycle.

Prior to this implementation, much of the MOC process required manual processing of paper checklists and assessment documents, all needing to be printed, completed by hand, signed and scanned back into the central document repository. By automating the business processes and entirely eliminating paper-based activities from the business flow, the new MOC solution represents considerable productivity gains and long-term opportunity for better compliance and return on investment.

Armedia performed a gap analysis of business process and, in conjunction with INEOS, streamlined and automated existing MOC processes. The new MOC solution was designed and implemented using core Alfresco repository services, a customized User Experience to meet specific usability needs, and heavily leverages Alfresco’s Activiti workflow engine, eForms, digital signatures and dynamic reporting (using the PDF Toolkit).

“We are very proud of this solution, and in meeting our goal to improve both usability, productivity and compliance over the prior solution,” said Jim Nasr, Armedia CEO. “Management of Change for operations is a complex business problem, and this solution required us to reach deep into our own and Alfresco’s capabilities to achieve the required results.”

“We are pleased with the results of our work with Armedia,” said Bill James, INEOS Phenol Project Manager. “Management of Change is a big part of how we run our business, and we believe the new system will play a long-term role in that.”

This announcement comes on the eve of Alfresco Summit 2013: Boston. This annual conference brings together Alfresco engineers, customers and partners to explore use-cases spanning government, healthcare, public sector, finance, media and others. Armedia is a gold sponsor of this event held at the Hyatt Regency Boston on November 12 -15 2013 and will be presenting on numerous topics during the conference.

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