Armedia Introduces Ligero, A Content Management Enabled Caching Server

by | Sep 25, 2007

Atlanta, GA; September 25, 2007—Armedia LLC, a leading provider of content management related products and IT solutions in the United States, announced today the release of its new content caching server product Ligero, enabling the dynamic integration of portal, intranet and enterprise applications to content repositories.

Organizations challenged with making content from legacy repositories available on intranets and external websites often struggle with traditional push publishing mechanisms. This model often results in gigabytes of rarely accessed content pushed to a site, making it inefficient and more costly. Enforcement of repository security on the published content is also difficult to maintain and often requires significant custom development to address.

Ligero changes the model by serving new content directly from a repository to a caching server, eliminating the need to publish files to a static web or portal server through scheduled jobs. Ligero can then be configured to cache content for efficient delivery according to security and business policies with access to content either through anonymous sessions or user credentials. In addition, a rich set of functions are available to customize the presentation, to assemble content from different documents or to create RSS feeds from dynamic queries.

“Ligero provides organizations with a realistic alternative to the traditional push model for content publishing, while enabling enforcement of repository security. Since content is only pulled when needed, Ligero significantly reduces the amount of intensive repository, web server and network traffic. Ligero is already helping our clients to save on time upgrading legacy Documentum RightSite applications,”,cites John Shinnick, Chief Technology Officer.

Lee Dallas, Principal Consultant for Armedia adds “Ligero provides a new approach to straightforward and simple integration of portals and other enterprise applications with Documentum repositories.”

The initial release of Ligero is certified for EMC Documentum 6 and 5.3 repositories. Later releases will provide integration to other common content management products.

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