Armedia LLC Releases Whitepaper on Portal Stability Remediation within Documentum

by | Feb 24, 2014

Armedia LLC, an award-winning provider of information technology services, announced today that it has released a new whitepaper titled: When Many Things Go Very Wrong: Portal Stability Remediation which tells the story of how the Armedia team overcame challenges and helped one client remediate critical issues within their Documentum-based intranet site.

This whitepaper walks through the various technical challenges and concerns the team faced, the method in which they chose to remediate the issues, and the results that were achieved once the project had been completed. Some of the challenges faced in this project are:

  • Web Publisher lockups – authentication failures
  • Web Publisher and Interactive Delivery Services (IDS) publishing failures
  • Very slow response times from Web Publisher
  • Oracle error ORA-00904: invalid column name errors in the Web Publisher logs
  • Oracle sessions/processes constantly running at 100%
  • Documentum session management – authentication failures
  • SIGSEGV segmentation faults observed in the content server log pointing to host kernel failures and LDAP object binding faults.
  • Memory utilization on the Content Server host increasing linearly over time.


Documentum Portal Stability Remediation

For more information, CLICK HERE to download this whitepaper.


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