Armedia Releases Version 1.1 of Armedia DeepExport

by | Sep 25, 2006

Atlanta, GA—September 25, 2006—Armedia LLC, a leading provider of content management related products and solutions in the United States, is pleased to announce their newest release of Armedia DeepExport, a unique deep export solution for the EMC Documentum platform.

While EMC Documentum Web applications continue to provide only single-level export operations, Armedia introduces release 1.1 of Armedia DeepExport, expanding its capabilities to fit more user needs. The lightweight product designed to run natively on EMC Documentum’s Web applications allows users to export a hierarchy of files appearing in the same structure on a local drive.

Release 1.1 introduces two new features: configurable batch size and renaming of exported files. EMC Documentum administrators can now configure the export batch size at the application level enabling optimal use of available resources. Further, Armedia DeepExport can manipulate file names by removing characters or replacing patterns with strings during the export process. Armedia’s Pawan Kumar remarks, “Armedia DeepExport’s users now have even greater ease and flexibility with their exporting process. We are excited to see users get more from their deep export experience.”

Armedia DeepExport is a WDK (Web Development Kit) application customization, designed according to the strict EMC Documentum WDK guidelines to run natively on any WDK 5.3 application (such as Webtop). Its primary functionality is to export the files present in an EMC Documentum repository folder sub-tree, reproducing the same relative path structure on local storage. Armedia DeepExport is quickly and easily installed as a server based WDK customization that, once deployed, will be immediately available as a native browser-based function, available as a menu action item, in any WDK based application to which it has been deployed.

Armedia DeepExport builds on functionality already developed as part of the EMC Documentum Designed For Documentum (DFD) Logo Certified Armedia SCM application, the only source code management application for the EMC Documentum platform.

About Armedia

Armedia is a leading IT consulting and integration firm, headquartered in Atlanta, GA, specializing in content management and content related solutions. Armedia’s mission is to provide world-class solutions for clients to automate the creation, capture, organization and presentation of their intellectual assets. Armedia has offices in Atlanta, GA and Vienna, VA.

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