Armedia Streamlines Application Development in Launching C3

by | Sep 10, 2007

Atlanta, GA—September 10, 2007—Armedia LLC, a leading provider of content management related products and solutions in the United States, announced today the release of its new application management product C3, enabling the control of code and content rich applications.

Organizations managing the creation and deployment of code and content rich applications often find deficiencies that make the overall process time consuming and prone to error. These issues are particularly painful with content and code development teams working in disparate environments, interfering with an enterprise’s ability to quickly and confidently deploy mission-critical applications to its customers.

C3 bridges this gap between content and code for enterprise applications. Prior to C3, there was no product on the market that combined code and content in a single content management system, enabling build management, ease of application release deployment and rollback. “C3 now offers development teams the ability to build, deploy and release all of their code and content assets on one platform. It removes the difficulties of synchronizing disparate code and content, which improves productivity and overall production quality,” states Terence McDevitt, Armedia’s Director of Product Development.

In addition to application release management, C3 provides development teams with powerful features such as automated build management, branching and merging, and smart content transfer. C3 leverages the EMC Documentum platform in giving teams access to robust features such as workflow capabilities, an advanced security model, and full-text search of code assets.

United Launch Alliance was among the first adopters of C3, upgrading from its previous release, Armedia SCM. Doug Grandey of ULA states, “The release of C3 contains features that greatly help our development team with the control and organization of our source code. Before C3, we had no way to manage our builds. The ability to create builds with different versions of multiple files was one of our main configuration management needs and C3 creates and manages builds with ease.”

C3 has received Designed for EMC Documentum Accreditation, an assurance of quality and value for its customers. For more information on C3, visit Comparisons between source code management tools and C3 application functionality are available. Live demos and webinars are available.

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