Armedia to Unveil New Armedia SCM and DeepExport Software at EMC Documentum Momentum Conference

by | Sep 6, 2006

Armedia will unveil new software developed for EMC Documentum Users in Booth #111 at the EMC Documentum Conference September 18-21.

Atlanta, GA (PRWEB) September 6, 2006 –- Armedia LLC, a leading provider of content management and content related solutions will be in Booth #111 at the Momentum Conference in Anaheim, Sept 18-21. Armedia will be holding a drawing for the latest Nokia 8801 phone at the booth kickoff.

Armedia will be demonstrating Release 1.1 of Armedia SCM, the only source code management software fully integrated with EMC Documentum. Armedia SCM was introduced at Momentum last year. New features with Release 1.1 include:

  • branching
  • build scheduling
  • extended Eclipse integration to an already rich source code management environment

A demonstration copy of Release 1.1 of Armedia SCM will be available at the booth.

Armedia DeepExport will also be included in the demonstrations at the booth. Armedia DeepExport provides a seamless and lightweight utility that acts as a native component to any of EMC Documentum’s WDK-based client interfaces. Current EMC Documentum software does not provide native functionality for deep export. Armedia DeepExport exports folders and subfolder’s contents from an EMC Documentum repository onto a local drive, reproducing the same relative path.

Armedia will share features for Armedia SCM 2.0. This release is scheduled for early 2007.

Armedia offers an abundance of content management services for EMC Documentum Users. Please stop by Booth #111 so we may discuss our experiences with you.

About Armedia

Armedia is a leading IT consulting and integration firm, headquartered in Atlanta, GA, specializing in content management and content related solutions. Armedia’s mission is to provide world-class solutions for clients to automate the creation, capture, organization and presentation of their intellectual assets. Armedia has offices in Atlanta, GA and Vienna, VA.

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