Lockheed Martin Corporation Selects Armedia SCM

by | Jul 31, 2006

Atlanta, GA—July 31, 2006—When Lockheed Martin needed a source code development product for their custom EMC Documentum Web Development application, they turned to Armedia SCM.

Prior to development, the Lockheed team investigated a number of source code management systems. This analysis compared key functionality and included some of the top source code management systems in the industry. Ultimately, this investigation concluded that Armedia SCM would best suit the team’s development needs. There were two primary factors that led to this decision:

  1. Armedia SCM sits on top of EMC Documentum’s Content Server, which the team was already using to build its application
  2. The interface for Armedia SCM was nearly identical to Webtop and the custom WDK application being built, thus making training essentially unnecessary

Armedia’s CEO, Jim Nasr, noted, “Training is a key reason why more and more EMC Documentum clients are selecting Armedia SCM. When developers don’t have to learn a new product each time they begin a project, they become more efficient and can focus on what’s most important for the project.”

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