The Well Project Implements Spanish Version of Award Winning HIV Community Site Using Armedia SCM and CYA SmartRecovery Products

by | Sep 20, 2006

Armedia LLC and CYA Technologies announce collaboration on the release of the Spanish version of The Well Project web site—an online community to support women with HIV and AIDS. Armedia SCM and CYA SmartRecovery technologies were used in conjunction to manage source code for the development of the site and provide backup and recovery solutions.

Atlanta, GA (PRWEB) September 20, 2006—Armedia LLC, a leading provider of content management related products and solutions, and CYA Technologies Inc, a leader in business continuity solutions for enterprise content management, jointly announced today that The Well Project, the world’s leading HIV Health Awareness Website for Women, implemented the Spanish version of their InfoWorld 100 award winning website using Armedia SCM and CYA SmartRecovery to manage, deploy, backup and recover the source code associated with the development of the site.

“Once we realized the scope of the Spanish Site development, we knew that managing the vast source code and ensuring its proper backup and recovery was not only critical to a quality development but also vital for recovering from potential corruption or hacking of the site,” said Richard Averitt, The Well Project COO. “Equally, the Armedia SCM and CYA SmartRecovery products work directly with our existing EMC Documentum content management platform, which helped us save a great deal on third party application integration costs.”

“We are very pleased to continue our support of The Well Project,” said Jim Nasr, Armedia CEO. “The Well Project was looking to achieve even greater returns on their EMC Documentum investment. We believe that by using Armedia SCM to natively manage and deploy their source code from the same system that manages their content, they are achieving that goal.”

“One of the biggest problems for organizations is managing vast amounts of source code plus other business information while dealing with the fast rate of change and updates in a dynamic environment. Having recovery safeguards is critical in cases where some specific information may be lost or corrupted and not recoverable with traditional backup policies,” said Wayne Crandall, CYA Technologies CEO. “CYA’s SmartRecovery solves the problem by providing the protection necessary to recover objects managed by EMC Documentum at an individual file level in cases where they have been lost or corrupted as a result of application/system failure, human error and infection with no application downtime.”

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