Dump That Data Migration Migraine &
Jump To Automating The Entire Data Migration Process
With Caliente!

Switching ECM or Moving Into ECM Has NEVER Been Easier

The Caliente Data Migration tool handles anything from taking disjointed PDFs and Excel files into a database, to translating terabytes of data from one database structure to another. Caliente does not flinch.

The Pain Of Data Migration

Doing Data migration means assembling a highly skilled technical staff and opening the Pandora’s Box of a disjointed pile of databases, PDF scans, Excel spreadsheets. Or it could mean approaching a mammoth of a database that tips the scale into Terabytes of data. No matter the challenge, the data migration process is facing a risk of data loss. And nobody wants to lose data.

Every IT Team Leader knows the struggles of working with legacy systems that have outdated structure and poor data quality. Additionally, data corruption risks exist in the whole data migration process, which can further increase your headaches.

So, whether you want to migrate from your legacy system to a new ECM platform, or from one ECM to another, Caliente is your painkiller pill.

With Caliente’s flexibility, you have complete freedom to build a migration process that fits your database migration needs. If here’s ever a way to do ECM migration work headache-free, it’s the Caliente way.

Caliente Data Migration Confusion

Caliente Is A Powerful And Flexible Content Migration Tool Specifically Designed To:

  • Easily and quickly import metadata and content into different sources such as ECM Documentum, ODBC compliant databases, Alfresco, SharePoint, eRoom etc.
  • Add custom tasks or configure complex migration activities that require multiple nested steps or non-trivial validation procedures.
  • Run as a multi-threaded process where as many threads as needed (depending on physical server and network capacity) can be run concurrently to complete a very large amount of migration transactions in a short time.
  • Migrate structured content from a database into an ECM repository.
  • Map the data accordingly using the “Type Mapper.”
  • Exports objects history, as well as metadata.
  • Be extremely fast – From the same datacenter on a gigabit link, you can move many, many gigabytes of data very quickly.
  • Handle projections of source types and structures that might not be visibly represented in other systems.
  • Take care of fixing files names to ensure that their names do not end up being something that makes other systems have a hard time (fixing weird characters like $, #, <, %, ^).
  • Avoid collision where the original object IDs are utilized as a deduplication factor.
  • Identify objects by their source object ID.
  • Selectively ignore some types of documents.
  • Make sure everything needed is imported by using the “Validator.”
  • Use flexible XML configuration interface.
  • Support native ECM repository.
  • Support CSV file format for metadata.


Caliente will help you process and import an impressive volume of data and can be customized to meet your organization’s performance requirements. It is designed to maintain established policies and procedures with a minimal manual effort while providing your organization with any volume of support required.

Why Caliente Is Your #1 Choice For
Data Migration Software And Services?

Protection from data corruption and loss

If the migration fails verification and validation, you have to start from scratch and hope that nothing happened to your source data (and you haven’t lost your business data completely). That’s why protecting data integrity is essential for all organizations. Caliente protects you from data loss and corruption during migrations and ensures that missing data sets, errors, and other failed operations don’t cause manual data cleanup. If an error occurs, changes are reversed to the pre-conversion status.

protection from data corruption and loss illustration
reducing daily business operations illustration

Reducing daily business operations

Caliente is designed to streamline established procedures and policies with minimal manual work while giving any volume of support needed. With Caliente you will get backup, security, data identification, and recovery tools that are automated and easy to perform. Reduce the burden of your staff while ensuring all of the key steps of your migration process are covered.

Improving ROI and decreasing storage costs

Organize your data better and save resources that you can use for other projects. If you have multiple ECM tools, Caliente can be used to consolidate to a single platform reducing software and training costs.

improving and decreasing statistic illustration
managing the whole migration process

Managing the whole migration process

There is a lot more to a migration process than just moving your data from one point to another. A complete solution includes all aspects of data migration to include migrating content, metadata, ACL, taxonomy, users, groups, annotations, versions, renditions and more. If you have never before managed a migration process, Armedia offers you a full range of services to meet your requirements.Over the past 11 years, Caliente has managed to deliver
high-complexity data migrations.

Why Some Of The Largest US Governments Agencies
(Like OPM And Government Enforcement & Intelligence Agency)
Have Trusted Armedia’s Caliente

Armedia have used their software Caliente to handle data migration projects for some of the largest government agencies ECM Migration projects. Armedia also used Caliente to migrate databases for many Fortune 500 companies. Chances are, you’re wearing their products at the moment. Chances are, you’ve bumped into their products from the moment you got up to the moment you go to bed. Armedia’s Caliente has never flinched in all these years, moving terabytes and terabytes of data.

The robust system of Caliente was developed to support even the largest corporations such as US Government Enforcement and Intelligence Agency, the government agency that manages investigative cases electronically and fight terrorism. For that cause, Caliente migrated 8 millions of structured and unstructured pieces of content into a new ECM Documentum based Case Management system, in just 3.5 days.

Another government agency that put its trust into the hands of Caliente is Office of Personnel Management (OPM). For their purposes, our professional tech team used the flexible software of Caliente to successfully migrate over 40 terabytes or 600 million objects from Oracle ECM to Alfresco content repository.

Seal of the United States Office of Personnel Management

No matter from which system you want to migrate your data to (ECM, DAM, DMS or other), our in-house data migration software and an experienced technical team will make your data migration project a total success.

Let us help you in solving your data migration challenges without any risk of data loss or loss of tech support. Trust our highly qualified team with your risky data migration project and challenge us today! Leave your contact info,
describe your migration headaches, and let us get back to you.