DRX – Documentum Administration Tool

OpenText Documentum Administration Tool
DRX-logoDocumentum Repository eXplorer (DRX) is a powerful exploration, auditing, and documentation tool that allows OpenText Documentum administrators and developers to quickly document vital information about their repositories and environments. DRX provides a simple UI to facilitate logging into the Documentum repository, configuring and running specific reporting modules, and viewing the resulting reports. DRX reports are generated in HTML for easy viewing and XML for more complex processing.

DRX is distributed as an EXE file that contains all of the Java code, requisite libraries, JVM and the DFC required to run the program. Its compact distribution and simple installation (just unzip it!) make it easy to run from a memory stick or move from one computer to another.

See a missing module? Want enhancements to an existing one? Join the DRX Project Team!

The DRX Project is sponsored by Armedia, LLC leveraging our experience with OpenText Documentum since 2002.

The DRX Project uses the YourKit Java Profiler.

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