IT Infrastructure

While the concept of the cloud is simple, determining how the cloud best fits with your business strategy and organizational structure is incredibly complex. It changes the way business and IT interact at a strategic level. In essence, cloud computing has enabled organizations to use an IT resource, without having to depend on having the capital to own that particular resource.
Armedia believes that cloud will become the primary platform and enabler for application development within the next few years. The number of cloud platform choices, both in the private and public sectors is growing at an astronomical rate. With the U.S. Federal Government initiating a “Cloud First” policy for IT projects, you can be sure others will follow.

The benefits of cloud computing are also indisputable, with increased agility and flexible, enterprise-scale virtualization of IT. Beyond increased IT efficiency, the cloud also provides a significantly cheaper option for IT performance with some IT departments having reports of saving up to 25%. By allowing organizations to procure technology as a service, cloud computing shifts competitive dynamics, allowing start-ups to take on global giants.

As competitive dynamics shift, Armedia can help organizations map their own paths to the cloud through a vision that is right for their needs. We work with clients to set strategy, develop business use-cases, define the architecture, and build governance models to achieve optimal operational functionality in their specific cloud approach.

By providing strategic guidance and expertise in information infrastructure, cutting-edge technologies, and best practices, our professionals ensure clients that the path to the cloud they have chosen is right for their organization.

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