Case Management

Many industries use case management tools to modernize or transform their business processes, such as government, health care, insurance, etc. A case file may involve a collection of customer communications, forms, requests, process documents, notes, reports and supporting documentation. It is likely to involve multiple persons both inside and outside of the organization, with varying relationships to each other, as well as multiple documents and messages. Case management tools make it easier to manage, track, and resolve cases.

Problems Agencies Face

Organizations regularly face challenges managing cases:

  • Inability to collaborate resulting in slower response times
  • Lack of transparency to stakeholders to include leadership
  • Ineffective search and reporting capability
  • Inability to comply with retention and disposition policies
  • Inability to adhere to security standards like FedRAMP, HIPAA or HITECT
  • Compliance with usability and accessibility requirements (i.e. Section 508)
  • Costly implementations and support costs

The Armedia Solution

Intelligent case management integrates information, processes, people and technology providing higher quality content and an improved process in a timelier manner. This results in people working smarter, having more relevant information, reducing costs and timeframes for response to complex situations.

Using enhanced yet proven capabilities, Armedia delivers case management systems helping organizations optimize outcomes by extracting more value out of their information. Armedia’s professionals integrate business guidelines with process automation to provide clients with an integrated set of capabilities designed to help clients close cases more efficiently through an increased knowledge of their information.


Each organization has a unique set of challenges as they implement their case management system — understanding and documenting their business processes, organizational change management, data migration, etc. For data migration, information may be stored physically (i.e. paper) or in obsolete repositories, requiring a data migration plan to govern the process. Data migrations are rarely simple and require highly skilled detail-oriented professionals using proven technologies and processes.

Armedia Case Management Services

Armedia can help you analyze your case management needs and provide a roadmap to move towards a more effective, responsive solution. Since 2002, Armedia has supported government and commercial case management solutions to include FBI, Joint Staff, HUD, FDA, Federal Conference, South Australian Attorney General, etc..

We can help you implement a case management system that will support your organization while adhering to your budgetary constraints.


Armedia has experience with a number of case management technologies including:

  • ArkCase 
  • ArkCase on Cloud ( AWS )
  • Documentum xCP
  • Appian
  • IBM Case Manager