Complaint Management

Incidents (i.e. fraud, accidents, harassment, unmet customer experience, etc.) can happen at any time. This means that your customers, partners, or employees should be able to reach out for support in many ways, at any time of the day. This is why your organization needs an advanced, multi-faceted Complaint Management System that helps you provide the support that they expect.

At the same time, the frequency of turnover in Customer Service support demands that your Complaint Management System be user friendly and collaborative. You need a system that has an easy-to-use interface with visual tools and reporting capabilities to increase productivity and customer satisfaction.

Challenges Agencies Face

  • Slow or obsolete complaint management tools
  • Inability to track and collaborate on complaints
  • Lack of visibility into workloads and priorities
  • Lack of reporting and auditing functions
  • Ineffective search tools
  • Difficulty accessing via mobile devices
  • Inability to integrate with other systems.

The Armedia Solution

The right complaint management system provides an easy-to-use, visual interface that works with your existing systems and resources. The solution:

  • Allows you to easily access and update complaint files
  • Supports collaboration by authorized user
  • Allows users to access using the device of their choice
  • Full featured document and records management capabilities
  • Lets you customize templates for quick responses to all types of complaints.

In a well-designed complaint management system, users and supervisors can access or control access to content based on user roles, and collaborate as needed to expedite complaint resolution. It will provide personalized dashboards and reports to give stakeholders much needed insight to make decisions.

Armedia can help! We have designed and delivered proven complaint management systems and would welcome an opportunity to provide you a demo.


  • Improve effectiveness with collaboration and intuitive reporting
  • Open structure that integrates with other software
  • Flexible workflows and response templates
  • Quick and simple Reports and Audits
  • Workload and Priorities overview
  • Work-Anywhere, from any device

Why Work With Armedia For Your Complaint Management Needs?

Each organization has a unique set of complaint management challenges:

  • undocumented requirements,
  • limited budgets,
  • compliance with security and records management,
  • data migration,
  • integration with 3rd party systems, etc.

Armedia will work with you to understand your requirements and constraints to propose a complaint management solution that works for your organization.

Armedia has over 19 years experience helping businesses and government agencies with scalable, reliable, cost-effective Complaint Management Solutions.

Leveraging the Armedia Way, a CMMI Level 3 appraised process, we will work with you to understand your requirements and develop a project road map. Then, incrementally and collaboratively we build an intuitive and secure complaint management solution that is a perfect-fit for your need. And lastly, we provide in-house training and support for your team, once the solution is deployed.