Consider how your employees spend their time. How much of their day is spent creating, sending, and receiving correspondence? According to a report conducted by the Delphi Group, 60% of an employee’s day is spent working, in one form or another, with records and documents.

Correspondence management tools can save precious time and resources through customizable document templates, forms, HTML templates, and more. A correspondence management tool can ingest email, organize your documents, manage retention, and provide quick and easy searching.

Problems Agencies Face

Correspondence management problems can include:

  • Lost correspondence
  • Inability to search correspondence or attachments
  • Lack of organization
  • Hard to use tools
  • Inefficiency

The Armedia Solution

The answer to your correspondence management problems can help you create forms and templates easily, using drag and drop tools. The right solution will help you organize your correspondence, and help you manage the creation, revision, approval, and consumption of documents.

It provides key features such as searching, version control, revision history, and document security. A correspondence management tool can reduce risk by enabling effective governance of corporate information.

Armedia can support your correspondence management requirements, from needs assessment and solution implementation, to migration from legacy systems. With extensive knowledge in multiple correspondence management technologies, Armedia’s staff of professionals help organizations ensure that the solution they implement is the best fit for them.


Each organization has a unique set of correspondence management challenges. Old correspondence may be stored on paper or in obsolete repositories, requiring a data migration plan. Your current system may be out of date, or incompatible with other systems in your business solution, requiring custom tools to integrate them and connect them to new components.

Armedia Correspondence Management Services

Armedia can help you design a new solution or improve your existing correspondence management system. Armedia has over 15 years’ experience supporting industry and government solutions. We can help you analyze your needs and design a correspondence management solution that will save you time and money. Armedia can provide support through:

  • Template design
  • Tools analysis
  • Business analysis
  • System architecture
  • Custom user interface design
  • File plan and metadata design
  • Search design and implementation
  • Project management


Leveraging ArkCase and Alfresco, Armedia has implemented a Correspondence Management accelerator that provides the following capabilities:

  • Personalized Dashboard
  • Correspondence Templates
  • Document Management
  • Queue Management
  • Search and Reporting
  • Workflow
  • Document Annotation and Redaction
  • Records Management integration