Modernize Labor and Workforce Development Systems

Reduce backlog while having the flexibility to adapt to new laws and prevent fraud

Problem Agencies Face

The coronavirus pandemic caused more than 9.5 million American workers to lose their jobs, with about 4 million out of work for half a year or longer.

In response, Congress passed the American Rescue Plan Act. The act provides $2 billion in funding to the U.S. Department of Labor to promote equitable access to and timely payment of benefits by reducing backlogs in the unemployment insurance system. Portions of the allocation also are dedicated to modernizing antiquated state UI systems so states can respond to rapidly changing laws and economic conditions, and to preventing and detecting fraud. (Source)

With a record amount of unemployment insurance claims being submitted, agencies need modern systems to reduce the backlog of claims, detect and prevent fraud, and distribute timely payment of benefits.

How Armedia Can Help

We can provide State Workforce Development agencies (state unemployment office) solutions and technical consulting to:

  • Address the surge of claims and benefit requests
  • Make data easily available to employees and speed up decision-making
  • Distribute benefits equitably in an efficient manner
  • Verify claims and benefit requests are valid and from eligible people

We have multiple technologies to help your agency ensure unemployment benefits are going to legitimate claimants and create a more efficient and productive system. Whether you’re seeking digitalization of your applications, or an automated workflow from claimant to agency response, we’re ready to help.

Our Tools and Technology

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