Records Management

Global organizations face complex and daunting challenges in managing their corporate records due to the increasing activity in the electronic space today. Electronic records are growing at a rapid pace and the number of platforms producing those records are also rapidly expanding. In addition to that, there is an imminent need to digitize all paper records to make all records accessible electronically. These challenges can be viewed as an opportunity to increase productivity and compliance and to decrease costs associated with manual processing of paper records.

Problems Agencies Face

Information Governance and Records Management (IG & RM) concerns not only the cycle of organizational activity for content management but also the security, accessibility, compliance, categorization, and proper disposition of the content according to Records Management and Information Governance best practices.

The Armedia Solution

Building a resilient Information Governance and Records Management program requires more than just the right hardware and software products. You also need skilled technical professionals to transform these products into IT solutions that solve difficult business problems.  To help organizations address these challenges, Armedia offers comprehensive services and solutions that include:

  • Imaging and Scanning
  • Record Migration and Transformation
  • Taxonomy, Record Categorization, File Plan Design and Implementation
  • Retention Schedule Guidance and Research
  • RM & IG Policy Design and Implementation
  • Full Record Lifecycle Design and Implementation
  • Disposition Design and Implementation (including paper and electronic destruction as well as transfers to NARA and Federal Records Centers)
  • Implementation of Electronic Records Management System

Since 2002, Armedia has helped organizations implement and manage environments comprised of legacy information in business applications, Enterprise Content Management (ECM), Electronic Records Management (ERM), Business Process Management (BPM), Taxonomy and Metadata, Knowledge Management (KM), Web Content Management (WCM), Document Management (DM) and Social Media Governance technology solutions. A records management platform provides a simple and uniform way to organize your records and information assets that are acquired, stored, delivered, secured, and disposed of by your business. This scalable, adaptable architecture better leverages every asset type across the entire organization.

Building a resilient information infrastructure requires more than just the right hardware and software products. You also need skilled technical professionals to transform these products into IT solutions that solve difficult business problems.

Armedia has a substantial history of delivering end-to-end information management, RM & IG solutions in both the public and private sector. With extensive knowledge in the industry, as well as deep understanding as to the business needs and critical assets which must be addressed, our records management experts deliver solutions that address your needs and every type and stage in the lifecycle of client information.

Armedia’s robust portfolio of Records and Information Management (RIM) solutions incorporates a variety of software vendors who are leaders in the space, such as Alfresco, ArkCase, Drupal, Ephesoft, Microsoft SharePoint, IBM FileNet, and OpenText.

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Armedia offers expertise and experience in Records Management to help you efficiently manage
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