Get FedRAMP Compliance For Your OpenText Documentum

The OpenText platform enables organizations to manage various document types without creating content silos across your organization while providing intuitive user experience on any device you may use. The Armedia Content Cloud is in-process for FedRAMP Moderate (est. authorization in Q2 2023).

Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program

Why FedRAMP?

The Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP) is a government-wide program that provides a standardized approach to security assessment, authorization, and continuous monitoring for cloud products and services. FedRAMP empowers agencies to use modern cloud technologies, with emphasis on security and protection of federal information, and helps accelerate the adoption of secure, cloud solutions.
Government agencies are advised to rely on FedRAMP Marketplace to find suitable solutions for their IT needs.

The Armedia Content Cloud (ACC) will enable organizations to gain access to FedRAMP solutions for business process, document management, case management, intelligent document scanning and records management.

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What is OpenText Documentum

The OpenText™ Documentum™ platform organizes, preserves and makes information easily accessible, while ensuring it adheres to all privacy and security protocols. Documentum offers full content lifecycle management regardless of the type (documents, images, CAD drawings, etc.) while avoiding content silos. Documentum integrates with enterprise applications, including SAP®, Salesforce® and Microsoft®, to help organizations conquer complex information management challenges.

The Armedia Content Cloud is a secure platform to help organizations achieve their cyber requirements while continuing to use the Documentum solution with all its integrations in your organization. We can also support any change, upgrade or migration needs as part of your digital transformation efforts.

Documentum Licenses

What if I have my own license?

If you own a Documentum license, and any other licenses in use in your organization, you can keep using them under the ACC solution. If you do not own licenses for some applications, or your licenses are soon to expire, Armedia is a partner with most of the solutions providers and we can provide competitive licensing deals for your licenses needs.

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What if I have heavy customizations?

Most organizations have some sort of content management solutions in place. Some are digital solutions, some still manual/paper-based workflows. With the OpenText platform, you can integrate all your data storage solutions in a unified repository. Furthermore, we can help you with any customizations you may want, to make Documentum work better for you.  

We will ensure that these customizations do not change your cyber posture. Armedia follows the strict NIST standards for code development. Any work we do on top of OpenText, will be well within FedRAMP requirements.

Cloud computing data storage

Who owns our data?

When using the Armedia Content Cloud in conjunction with OpenText, your organization still owns the data.

Combining the ACC and Documentum in a SaaS offering, we are enabling you to get a highly secure business automation platform. Everything you import and store remains in exclusive ownership of your organization.

Network connection and data

What access can I have to the environment?

For your environment, we setup a separate virtual private cloud (VPC) allowing you to have as much access to the environment that is possible based on security guidelines. It is “your” environment that is managed by Armedia as a software as a service. If you need access to the environment, we will work with you to establish accounts with the appropriate permissions to perform the required functions.

What’s the difference between the Armedia Content Cloud and OpenText Cloud?

While OpenText offers a Cloud solution, their offering is not on the FedRAMP Marketplace. The Armedia Content Cloud on the other hand is the only FedRAMP Marketplace listing that covers Documentum in its offering.

This makes the ACC the only viable option for agencies to keep using Documentum AND become FedRAMP compliant.

Can I use the Armedia Content Cloud and Documentum, but use other solutions for our business needs?

Yes, you can. The Armedia Content Cloud is built with flexibility in mind, and you are not forced to choose a single vendor for your business needs. You can pick Documentum for your document and records management needs, but you’re free to use another provider for your business process management or FOIA needs like ArkCase.

What platform does the Armedia Content Cloud use?

We rely on AWS FedRAMP PaaS to ensure that your organization uses the robust Amazon platform for speed, security, and scalability. This makes spinning up solutions fairly straightforward.

With this approach, we help your organization achieve FedRAMP compliance while also providing you with a wide range of business solutions. You can easily expand your business toolkit without long periods of deployment.

The Armedia Content Cloud is currently in-process for FedRAMP Moderate sponsored by Postal Regulatory Commission and includes OpenText Documentum as a digital transformation platform.

To learn how we can help you achieve FedRAMP compliance while leveraging all the power OpenText brings, feel free to reach us via email, or choose a time for a no-obligation free consultation.