Why Apptio?

By implementing smart technology that delivers important system outcomes, you can optimize your tech spending, and enterprises can make trusted technology investment decisions.

Drive better business outcomes with the power of trusted, actionable insights. Make informed decisions faster, so you can innovate to compete.

Apptio as a Technology Partner

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In partnership with Apptio, we can simplify planning and provide transparency to IT leaders so they can optimize spending and accelerate business growth. The Apptio solutions are trusted by 50 of the Fortune 100 companies, Public Sector customers, as well as hundreds of other organizations.

  • ApptioOne accelerates business processing and allows continuous optimization, repeatable and accurate planning, budgeting, and forecasting.
  • Cloudability provides all stakeholders the insights needed to confidently make decisions that maximize cloud investments.
  • Targetprocess has the power to accelerate a project-to-product transformation with no flexibility sacrifice.

Use Cases

Establish IT Financial Management (ITFM) fundamentals

With an industry-standard and operational ITFM model, teams need minutes, not days or weeks, to uncover insights and take action.

Identify optimization opportunities

Confidence in the ITFM process generates a spending shift from operational costs to growth and innovation.

Accelerate forecasting cycles

The quick and reliable shift of funds with low plan variance is essential for financial agility, investment growth, and high ROI.

Optimize Application TCO

Reducing the total cost of the most expensive application creates immediate savings.

Rationalize Your Application and Service Portfolio

Rationalizing duplicate or under-utilized applications can shrink the lengthy list of applications and the organization’s costs. 

Manage Business Unit Consumption

With solid partnerships between different business units with IT, they all can efficiently manage the IT cost structure and control spending.

Source and aggregate service demand

Provides a predictable and shared framework that captures demand directly from the business.

Plan, track, and influence consumption

Reduces IT budget padding due to the over-provisioned infrastructure or excessive contingency.

Improve unit rate accuracy

Users can compare the actual budgeted and forecasted rates and improve unit rate accuracy and business planning.

Reserved Instance Planning

Maximize cost savings across cloud providers by confidently determining which new Reserved Instances (RIs) to purchase, which existing RIs to modify, and which convertibles to exchange.

Workload Placement

Easily assess the myriad of instance and pricing options available across providers and save costs in cloud migration.


Easily and efficiently manage and scale the time-consuming process of shutdown and restart of the resources.


Find the biggest cost savings opportunities by identifying and managing cloud resource utilization.

Container Cost Allocation

Make all your Kubernetes cluster’s costs visible and implement a reliable mechanism to split them out and charge them back into the business.

Cost Sharing

Enables organizations to fully appropriate shared or unallocated costs back to the business in a proportional, fixed, or even split distribution.

Anomaly Detection

Detecting anomalies in cloud spending and taking immediate action

Visualize Company Portfolios

Use a visualization approach for agile portfolio reporting and value stream funding to gain transparency into a strategy-to-execution flow and manage company portfolios in a lean-agile way. 

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